The Escalator Part 2

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Bastards. they didn’t go for the idea. The Escalator Fund turned us down. That was my last hope of proper funding and I thought it would be just perfect. The other major bummer is that this is apparently the last year they are doing this programme. They have had quite a few people start their project and somehow not finish them. Gosh. Well I don’t give in that easily. They did say to me however that mine was very very close. They all debated over it for some time but in the end decided that it needed more money to pull it off. ……….. but the whole point was that it was a low budget universe, designed to be filmed on a low budget to make the most of the shortcomings of the budget. How did they not get it. Oh well. such is life. Just means it becomes even harder but not impossible. hmmm… how else can I make it. where can I get some money. sausage sizzle?