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Well some time has movied on and I have neglected the blogs again. We decided to just do it. No more waiting for funding, no more trying to get a sponsor or rich backer. So I had a plan to raise some money. I am an artist, that is my day job, why not have a sale. So I did, a massive sale like never seen before and I have sold over 30 pieces of work the sale price of which has all gone to the movie. Now we are officially a low budget movie. A very low budget movie, but its do able. We have spent ages casting and I am now finding out how hard it is to do that sort of thing. When you have a certain picture inside your head it becomes hard to find that person exactly. I have some great actors, but as of yet am still undecided who to go for. It’s all about the right mix. So this is holding up production. But on the otherhand, props are still busy being made and costumes sewn.