Production Update 5/5/14

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Well it has been a VERY long time since the last update and that is because we have been so busy making the movie! For the last few months we have been filming all the outdoor scenes in the film. Many many locations around Auckland have served as the exotic landscapes of mysterious planets, and our costume department, art department, camera, sound and actors have brought them all to life.

We have had cave-people dancing ritualistic ceremonies, giant robots and lizard attempting to kill our main characters and captive fish people to be rescued, not to mention A LOT of evil guardsmen of Lord Froth to be dealt with by our heroes too.

All in all the last few months (weekends only) have been tough, but they’ve been massively productive, shooting on the RED camera with the skill provided by our crew has delivered some beautiful shots.

So expect much more frequent updates here, and be sure to tell your friends to like our facebook page and follow our website.