the update 2015/1

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Forgive me for it is so long since my last …blog. I am just not a blogger. But you deserve an update. The news is we have finished all principal photography. Yippee. I have released my actors of the bonds so they can finally get a haircut or shave their beards after nearly two years of filming. A far cry from the 3 months I first promised. Some things just take time. So I now am in the middle of editing and finishing off some little bits of filming. Saturday I filmed rabbits and lizards and sunday we started filming the spaceships which was fun. I have got all my pickups. The new theme song is recorded. We are rocketing ahead. By the way I need someone to do the opening animation to the movie jetsons style. If there is anyone out there keen let me know. We have no money of course. This whole process is a labour of love. And there is so much love. This last year was so intense. The set building, the costume making, filming oh endless filming. My poor wife has had to make food for countless lost puppies being extras and features in the film. Oh what a year and we are now in the post production phase. Wow this is quite a journey. Would I do anything differently. Why even post that question. Life is a learning curve. It is a journey that we are all on. Ride it baby and see where it takes you. love ya… christian