Yes, yes and yes

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They loved it. They laughed and laughed and afterwards I almost cried. Ok I may have cried on the phone. I guess I was still pretty tired. Overwhelmed with emotions. Yipee. Yipeeeee.

The movie played at the Sommerville Theatre in Boston as part of the 41st Sci Fi Film Festival. We had a good near full turn out in Theatre 2. A little known movie from New Zealand had taken the interest of the local sci fi community. Some people had come from overseas, some from out of state. This festival is well loved and people are loyal. They love sci fi. They got it. Afterwards the festival director announced that we would have a Q&A in the screening room. I was not expecting that. He obviously liked it. The audience followed us and the Q&A went well. They were enthusiastic and loved the old sci fi references, the visual look, the kiwi flavour. It worked. Then another shock. Garon the festival director asked if we would want to show it again at the festival finale. It’s called the Thon and it is a 24 hour movie marathon of old classics. Its very popular and the highlight of the festival. I was honoured. He then presented me with the award for Best Comedy! Wow what a moment. I couldn’t believe it. Wait till I tell the people back home that the movie they have all slaved over faithfully for so long is actually really liked. It was great to be able to share that moment with Kirianne. I am so glad she came with me. And to top it off Mische one of my DoP’s had turned up from NZ. Yes it was a big night of celebrations. Yeeeha


We spent the next few days hanging out with other film makers and being part of the Boston sci fi fest. We had a great time and met some lovely locals. The ‘thon was awesome and the second viewing of our movie was also a success. A Q&A at 2.30am is a little hard to manage but it’s all pretty exciting. So now we are back home again trying to work out the next phase of attack. We still have a  bit of tweeking to do on the final product. It was pretty close at the festival but it can be a little better with just a bit more time. Back to work. Thanks to you all in boston we had so much fun. Nice to see you Billy. Nice to meet you Miriam and Preston and Cashel and Suzanne and Garon and Anya and Sam and Sascha and so cool you could make it Mische. Love to you all.

It’s nice to be home.