A lot has happened since the competition ended in January

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This is the first blog entry. A lot has happened since the competition ended in january. we are determined to see this through. So what have we done. Firstly It¹s hard to do anything without funding. So first things first we built this website. That took a while. I go for meetings almost every week with someone new that wants to help make this movie. I have started to select cast and crew and will begin auditions hopefully sometime soon. I also started an indiegogo funding page which has admittedly been slow. In light of this, I have decided to shoot a kind of a mini trailer for the movie. Using snippets of the movie which don’t require big sets, costumes or actors. That is in pre production at the moment. Dean has done tests blowing up ships and building more models and we have begun to shoot webisodes. Costumes, sets and props are being designed and things are starting to take shape. But nothing is easy. This week I am building a giant killer robot.