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The other day Josh and I went out to Bethels to use the sand dunes as a backdrop for the robot part of the trailer. It also involved me playing Tom and remembering my lines.To my surprise I did and believe me this is a first. The footage looked awesome but further emphasized the importance of a good qualified sound person on the shoot. The wind was quite strong and it showed up on the footage. It was hard to use alot of it. Of course a better editor could have done something with it I am sure.

It’s so great working with someone who works in a similar fashion to me. Josh is an excellent dop with a similar creative eye to myself which makes it easy to trust he will get the shot I am after. We had a really big talk on the way home and he said he wanted to get more involved. So I sent him the script and he read it. Now he is going to be part of the core in making this happen. He loves the whole idea and his involvement is a major boost.