New promo

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So I had this great idea to do a new promo right in the middle of my major exhibition of the year and two major sculpture shows. But I felt I needed to somehow integrate some of the characters in with some dialogue. I love the other trailer but it doesn’t have any words. This time I got the words but no costume or sets. So I have had to make do and go with an idea that avoids that issue. It’s a behind the scenes interview with all the characters as the characters in the film. It’s great to see some of the dialogue finally being used. It’s funny. It will be finished soon. probably as soon as I get Gotliebs head done. The actors aren’t necessarily the final ones but it gives a better idea of how it works. Most of the filming is done by josh and surprise surprise the editing is by me. Oneday I will have a real editor and sound guy. That is one of the most important things for us.