The team

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After Andrew and I wrote this thing and came a close second in the make my movie competition I decided it was worth keeping going and making it regardless. I approached people all over the place looking for help but in the end it came down to one thing. Me. So now I have decided to make it myself. But I am not stupid. I have got some support. But the bottom line is that if you want it done hard enough then you have to be prepared to do it yourself. So with no money and a small team we are trucking on with the ‘build it and they will come’ approach. We have set a date for the shoot and are just going on as if we have the money. Many things can be done with out it so those are the things I am concentrating on.
I love watching connections bounce off each other. Since this whole thing began I have networked and wiggled and coffee’d and jiggled shaking my bootie at all who might be interested. Some just happen naturally. They are usually the ones that stick. Now I have some great people working with me to help make this happen.

Matt and Mike at barefoot casting, ever so wonderful and helpful, invited me to the premiere of ‘The most fun before dying’ where I met Josh and his girlfriend Karen at the after party. Now Josh and I are best mates and he is working on the movie with me as dop. It’s his handy work on all the good camera shots. Karen slipped into the lead female role almost by accident. At first I thought she was too young so reluctantly I tried her out. But boy she was so good I would be a fool not to use her.

Another time I went to the auckland 48 hour film finals (where I won auckland’s strangest movie). While I was there I signed up for a free intro course to art direction at unitec. There at this course I met Sam and his girlfriend Storm. Now sam is working as a producer the movie and Storm making special effects. It’s great when opportunities create opportunities. Sam is a young wanna be producer who has started his own production company. He is eager and hard working and knows lots of things. That’s what we need. People who are keen as mustard.