Booklet – The Complete and Utter History of the Boulderverse

$25.00 inc GST

A 44-page mini book which fits inside the dvd/bluray case

It gives a rich history of all the crazy characters in the universe from the Cardron to the Skaer. This booklet is filled with fantastic photos and wild anecdotes about the characters and gives insight into the origins of the Boulderverse. A must have for all die-hard boulder fans.

Sample text

Norg, a parts collector for the dreaded anagalian clan, grew up in a village just outside of Zorgo on Shilac-5. His mother, a human, was a lonely woman who got drunk one night and woke up in the morning next to a large lizard. This one night of pleasure produced Norg – a half-man, half-lizard. Norg has incredible strength but…..

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